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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Civil Service Exam Descriptive Questionnaire

Directions: Below is a descriptive questionnaire about yourself. All of these will be strictly confidential. Please be honest in answering. Each item is followed by several possible answers.

1.    Sex:
a)    Male       
b)    Female

2.    Civil Status:
a)    Single   
b)    Separated
c)    Widow/Widower 
d)    Married

3.    Highest Educational Attainment:
a)    Second-year College
b)    Third-year College
c)    College Graduate
d)    Post-graduate

4.    Year of Last Attendance in School:
a)    Before 1975
b)    1975-1979
c)    1980-1984
d)    1985-1989
e)    1990 above

5.    Location of School Last Attended:
a)    Metro Manila
b)    Luzon
c)    Visayas
d)    Mindanao
e)    Abroad

6.    What honor did you receive from college?
a)    Summa Cum Laude
b)    Magna Cum Laude
c)    Cum Laude
d)    None
e)    Not Applicable

7.    Present Employment:
a)    Government
b)    Self-Employed
c)    Private
d)    Unemployed
8.    Type of Present Job:

a)    Professional/Technical/Scientific
b)    General/Clerical
c)    Trades and Crafts (jobs requiring manual skills)
d)    Others
e)    Not Applicable

9.    Number of Times Promoted from January 1985 to December 2013:
a)    Never
b)    Once
c)    Twice
d)    More than Twice
e)    Not Applicable

10.    What was your performance rating for the last period in your office?
a)    Outstanding
b)    Very Satisfactory
c)    Satisfactory
d)    Unsatisfactory
e)    Not Applicable

11.    Do you have any of the following first level eligibilities:
Second Grade, General Clerical, Career Service Sub-Professional, Local Government, and Municipal/Provincial Clerk?
a)    Yes
b)    No

12.    How many times have you taken the Career Civil Service Professional Examination, excluding this examination?
a)    Never
b)    Once
c)    Twice
d)    Thrice
e)    More than three times

13.    For what reason are you taking this examination?
a)    Entrance to Government Service
b)    Promotion
c)    Change of Status
d)    Others

Items 14-18: (For Government employees only)

14.    Category of government office where you are employed:
a)    National Government
b)    Temporary
c)    Casual/Emergency
d)    Contractual
e)    Substitute

15.    Status of present appointment in the Government Service:
a)    Permanent
b)    Temporary
c)    Substitute
d)    Casual/Emergency
e)    Contractual

16.    Years of experience in the Government:
a)    Less than five years
b)    5-9 years
c)    10-14 years
d)    15-19 years
e)    20 years or more

17.    If offered employment in the Government Service, are you available? When?
a)    Yes, immediately.
b)    Yes, after one year.
c)    Yes, after two years.
d)    Yes, after three years.
e)    Not Available.

18.    If offered employment in the Government Service, where do you prefer to work?
a)    Metro Manila
b)    Luzon
c)    Visayas
d)    Mindanao
e)    Abroad
Items 19-20: For what type of work do you consider yourself best qualified?

19.    1. Accounting
         2. Management and Audit Analysis
         3. Records Management
         4. Research/Report Writing
         5. Budgeting

20.    1. Stenography
         2. Supply Management
         3. Management and Audit Analysis
         4. Statistical Work
         5. Others
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