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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Logical Reasoning Exam Reviewer

Logic is the science and art of correct thinking and reasoning. It comes from the Greek word "LOGIKE" which means "Thought" or "To Think". Try answering the Logical Reasoning Civil Service Reviewer for CSE-Professional.

Directions: Analyze each of the following carefully.
1. Based on the conversation between Heidi and Mavic, which of the following choices can be inferred?

   Heidi: I have just heard that Rico failed the bar exams.
   Mavic: Impossible, Rico was very witty.

2. At Civil Service Reviewer Academy, Rochelle holds a position senior to Ruthe, and Kai holds a junior post to Ruthe.    Who holds the junior-most position?

3. It is either one of ours or one of yours. It is not one of ours. Therefore,________.

4. Caloy is an artist. This conclusion can be logically deduced from which of the following statements?

5. All democrats are politicians. Some lawyers are democrats. Therefore,________.

6. All lovers are believers. Some non-givers are lovers. Therefore,________.

7. Kay is shorter than Nina but not so short as Tina. Rizza is taller than Nina, while Josie is shorter than Tina.
   Who is the shortest among the five people mentioned?

8. No elephant can fly. Dumbo is an elephant. Therefore,________.

9. Either Andrei will go to the mall of he’ll play basketball. Andrei did not go to the mall. Therefore,________.

10. A foreigner read the writing SERA MERA CARA DARA on one of the famous establishments in the city.
    He learned from a restaurant that CARA SERA means hot water.
    He also learned from a Linguistics class that SERA DARA means water fountain.
    He learned from the market that MERA DARA means drinking fountain.
    Which of the following gives the meaning of MERA?

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