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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Civil Service Philippines – To Serve Your Community

If you are a morally upright citizen who wants their career to support others, then a civil service job may be the right choice for you. When it comes to civil service Philippines had a commission in place for decades that is helping residents to take up positions in various civic and educational institutions. This commission is in charge of creating a system that ranks the levels of civil service positions. They set forth the necessary examinations that individuals must pass before taking up a a civil service position in the country. They also maintain records on every civil service employee in the country.

There are three primary values that this commission holds above all others for those who would be civil servants. These values are outlined on the official government website.

The first that is listed is a love of God and of the Philippines. The reason for this is that both educators and other civil servants need to live by a strong moral code for the protection of those in their care. Loving ones home is also a key factor to wanting to be of service to the community.

Excellence is another of the three main values of the commission. Obviously, in any vocation, it is important to strive to do your best. By becoming skillful, you will provide a better service to the residents of your area.

The third quality of civil service Philippines residents need to take into consideration is integrity. This will allow you to maintain your values despite difficult situations that may come up. There is no room in a civil service position for dishonest individuals or people who love money more than doing what it right.

There are a few basic criteria that need to be met in order to be a civil servant. Some basic requirements are being a Philippines citizen and also being over the age of 18 (at the time that you apply). Your moral conduct must be at an exemplary level meaning that you can't have been convicted of a crime that has brought moral reproach upon you character. Such crimes might involve illegal drugs, abuse of alcohol, disgraceful immoral conduct, or dishonesty. You cannot have any offenses connected with a previous civil service application. Also, you must not have already been dismissed from civil service for a legitimate cause.

As of July 2012 there are 5 vacancies in the civil service department that can be applied for. Anyone who is considering these jobs must be desiring to serve others.

The history of the civil service system in Philippines goes all the way back to 1900. The 112th anniversary of the commission is being commemorated in September. Its nature has been changed over the decades, but the most recent incarnation of the department dates back to 1987.

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