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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Other Ways to Acquire a Civil Service Eligibility

The career service examination is not the be-all and end-all of acquiring civil service eligibility. Do you know that the CSC also grants eligibilities other than the Career Service Professional and Sub-Professional eligibilities? You can acquire a civil service eligibility even without taking the Career Service Examination. The CSC for some time now has been granting eight (8) different eligibilities under special laws to qualified individuals. You may be qualified for the grant of any of these eligibilities.

  •     Bar/Board Eligibility (RA1080)
  •     Barangay Health Worker Eligibility (RA7883)
  •     Barangay Nutrition Scholar Eligibility (PD1569)
  •     Barangay Official Eligibility (RA 7160)
  •     Electronic Data Processing Specialist Eligibility (CSC Res. 90-083)
  •     Honor Graduate Eligibility (PD907)   
  •     Scientific and Technological Specialist Eligibility (PD 997)
  •     Skills Eligibilities - Categories I and II (CSC MC 11, s. 1996, as Amended)
  •     Veteran Preference Rating (EO 132/790)

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