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Sunday, April 13, 2014

What is Veteran Preference Rating Eligibility?

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Veterans’ children can apply for the Veteran Preference Rating Eligibility (VPRE), a special rating granted by the Civil Service Commission.

This was announced by the Civil Service Commission in line with the celebration of the Philippine Veterans Week.

If a veteran, his/her spouse, or any of the children who took the Career Service (Professional or Subprofessional), Fire Officer, or Penology Officer Examinations failed, he/she may apply for the VPRE which gives additional ten points to the failed rating, as per Executive Order No. 132 dated 1948 and EO No. 790 dated April 3, 1982.

A veteran shall include any person who has served in the regularly constituted Armed Forces of World War II or in the non-regularly organized unit in the Philippines during World War II and whose services are duly recognized by the Government.

Filing of applications for VPRE can be done at any CSC Regional Office by the applicant or through an authorized representative.

Application fee for the VPRE is PHP500.

The date of effectivity of the VPRE shall be the date of approval of an application by the CSC. The appropriateness of the VPRE depends on the kind/level of examination to which the VPRE is applied.

Documentary requirements are posted on the CSC website

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