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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Step 1: Examination Account Registration

  • Individuals register to create a user account
  • Online registration via CSC-COMEX website
  • Provide Personal information

 Step 2: Examination Slot Reservation (ESR)

  • Notification of online offerings on the type of examination, number of slots, date and time of appearance, date and time of examination, and examination venue
  • Registered user reserves an examination slot online

Step 3: Examination Slot Confirmation (ESC)

  • Confirmation of Application
  • Completion of remaining stages of application: verification of applicants identity, payment of examination fee and capturing of applicant's photo, biometrics and digital signature

Step 4: Actual Test Program (ATP)

  • Assignment of each examinee to a test form and a testing computer
  • Authentication of examinee's biometrics
  • Examinee takes the actual test

Step 5: Test Results Processing (TRP)

  • Processing of examination results
  • Generation of examination reports
  • Examinee gets the test result online

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