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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Paragraph Development

Directions: Each sentence below, when put in the correct order would make a well-organized paragraph. Decide what should be the correct order of the sentences, and then answer the questions that follow.
A. The first procedure is that the bill passes through three readings on separated days.
B. Otherwise, the bill will go back to the House from where it is originated, and it will be deliberated upon again.
C. If the President approves the bill, then it shall be deemed a law.
D. A bill, before becoming a law, undergoes several procedures.
E. On the third reading, the votes of the lawmakers shall be recorded and if the bill is approved, it goes to the President for approval or veto.
1. What should be the first sentence?
2. What should be the fourth sentence?
If the following sentence is added as sentence F:
It should be noted, however, that the President must communicate his veto within thirty days from receipt of the bill, otherwise, the bill is considered to have been approved by him.
3. What would the new order of the sentences be?
A. Learning to listen is one way of keeping friends
B. Although listening can really be very tiring on the listener, it may, on the other hand, be comforting to the speaker.
C. So learn how to listen, and gain more friends.
D. We also show that we care about what goes on in their lives.
E. By listening, we show our friends that they are important to us.
4. What should be the third sentence?
5. What should be the fourth sentence?
A. Hence, it can be said that the President really has a lot of duties and responsibilities.
B. He has control over department secretaries and can overrule their decisions.
C. Furthermore, the President exercises veto power over bills passed by the Congress.
D. Lastly, he is the Chief Executive, executing laws and rules of the country.
E. The President in a presidential system is the Head of State and the Head of Government.
6. What should be the second sentence?
7. What should be the last sentence?
A. Not only that, paying taxes also means the government will no longer need to acquire loans to fill the budget deficit.
B. Every citizen should lend a hand in pursuing economic progress.
C. One way to do it is to pay one’s taxes correctly.
D. Paying correct taxes results in increased revenues that the government uses for infrastructure and other projects.
E. So be a good citizen and pay your taxes correctly.
8. What should be second sentence?
9. What should be the fourth sentence?
10. What is the appropriate title for the above paragraph?
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