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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Correct Usage

1. Czarmaine ________ remarkable poems even at her young age.
2. Being too ________ will undoubtedly make other men hate you.
3. Due to bad weather, the airline company decided ________ postpone the flight.
4. Drunk driving was the reason for ________ accident.
5. May I________ your Titanic compact disc?
6. ________ the three girls, the eldest is the most diligent.
7. Exposure to air pollution will ________ your asthma.
8. His ________ to Mount Apo was carefully documented.
9. The children ________ the ill effects of war.
10. The teachers distributed different ________ outlines for the students to follow.
11. Carl juggles oranges, ________ you?
12. The refugees decided to ________ their homes because of the war.
13. My sister ________ to Zamboanga seven years ago.
14. We used ________ sauce for the spaghetti last Sunday.
15. If we work together, we could finish this ________ in a short time.
16. When the Apartheid Policy was still in effect, the Blacks were ________ by the Whites.
17. When we ________ the flag, we should all stand up.
18. The DPWH crew worked ________ the night to repair the damaged bridge.
19. ________ the leader of your group?
20. The village elder told many interesting ________.
21. Marty ________ Evelyn ________ to dinner.
22. The celebrant ________ the candles after we sang.
23. The secretary ________ due to stress.
24. The EDSA People’s Revolution ________ the Marcos regime.
25. The unexpected ________ of vehicles along the Marcos Highway cause heavy traffic.
26. After cleaning the entire house, I felt ________.
27. The drug pushers tried to ________ the arresting cops.
28. The cabinet meeting was ________ on account of the President’s ill health.
29. The tele-novela viewers cried helplessly when they got ________ by the tragedy that befell the main character.
30. We should ________ on expenditures and spend only on our needs.
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