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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sentence Completion Reviewer

Directions: In each questions, decide which one of the choices would most suitably complete the sentence.

1. These regulations are so __________ that we feel we have lost all our privileges.

2. The advocates of anarchy are ignoring the __________ of such form of government it will bring.

3. He was pleased by the accolades he received; like everyone else, he enjoyed being __________.

4. Cancer cells are normal cells that run riot, growing and multiplying out of __________.

5. A __________ glance pays __________ attention to details.

6. Since we hardly have anything else to use, it is time to __________ our office supplies.

7. Once a __________ puppy, Cisco has become lazy and __________ because he only interrupts his sleep only to eat.

8. The amateur painter tried to capture the __________ beauty of the sunrise over the bay but her skill with paint on canvas was __________.

9. Our supervisor usually explains things __________ and carefully, as she deplores a __________ approach.

10. Maipagmamalaki ang __________ ng aming lungsod.

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