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Friday, November 29, 2013

15,000 Examinees Pass the Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) released the results of the Career Service Examination for Professional and Sub-Professional levels held on October 13, 2013. You can visit the CSC website ( to view the results.

For Professional level examinees, 13,958 passed out of the 118,896 who took the exam translating to 11.74% passing rate. On the other hand, 11.64% is the passing rate for Sub-Professional level with 2,361 passing out of the 20,278 takers.

According to the Commission, 139,174 examinees took the CSE-PPT (Career Service Examination-Paper and Pencil Test) out of the 160,860 registered for a percentage of 86.52. The exam was administered in 143 testing sites across the country.

The new eligibilities will be conferred the Career Service Professional or Sub Professional eligibility, one of basic requirements for permanent appointment to technical and clerical positions in government, respectively. The CSC stressed, though, that both eligibilities shall not apply to positions involving practice of profession that require an appropriate license, and those positions covered by special laws.

Passers will receive a congratulations letter from the CSC and the letter also contain the requirements needed in order to get the Certificate of Eligibility. Some Regional Offices conduct an awarding ceremony.

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