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Friday, November 1, 2013

Civil Service Institute Course Offerings for November

Course on Career Pathing

Career pathing is an integral component of an employee’s life-long career management. To have a sense of direction and to access career progress, goals and milestones, a written plan should be laid down. This course provides participants fundamental steps and processes in Career Pathing and its application in crafting an individual career plan. It aims to assist managers become a career coach in honing employees’ skills and in exploring various career development interventions.

Course on Succession Management

Leadership does not happen by chance. It takes years to groom an effective leader. Filling the void of invaluable knowledge of a leader who exits an organization is an awesome task. Building a pool of potential successors, ensuring continuity of leadership functions and instilling mechanisms that support a high performing organization are the hallmarks of this two-day training course.

Course on Managing Workforce Diversity

The program aims to equip managers with strategies on how to deal effectively with a workforce that has varied experiences and perspective arising from differences in generation, race, culture, religion, gender, and other factors. It recognizes the value and benefits of having diverse workforces, and the challenges and approaches of managing them effectively. It shall also introduce workplace diversity management initiatives that agencies can adopt to foster workplace inclusiveness and harmony.

Leadership Program Module 1: Leading Change

The course builds on John P. Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model and provides participant’s cutting-edge methods that help the organization transform itself to successfully hurdle the complexities of change and to achieve its goals. The effective implementation of strategies that leverage the organization’s competitive advantage, relevance and sustainability features the working agenda of this three-day course.

Registration of participants is on a “first come, first served” basis.
For more information, please contact the Civil Service Institute at telephone numbers 9314182, 9317935 local 301-305 and telefax no. 931-8019 or visit:

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